Sharks to surpass franchise record

The Sharks officially clinched their first place title on August 2nd after leading the FCBL for the entire season. Their current record of 35-17 rivals that of the 2013 season where the Sharks won the championship. If the Sharks win the game tonight, pushing their record to 36-17, the 2018 season will go down as the winningest season in franchise history. 

The next home game for the Sharks is Tuesday, August 7th at 7:00. We'll be hosting MV Youth Hockey Night and giving away tons of Sharks gear in celebration of our regular season success.The following home game will be Wednesday, August 8th at 7:00. Come by to get Sharks hand clappers, reuseable bags, draw string bags, stickers, baseballs, frisbees, fins and more! Sharks bucket hats will be $10 during the playoffs, so make sure to visit our apparel shed behind the home dugout to get this great deal. 

You can buy tickets to Sharks playoff games herejavascript:void(0);/*1533487913982*/